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It always messes up the delicate balance of human interactions.

Here's a report of how, faced with the FedGov's mandate to provide employees with health care if they work more than 30 hours a week, some companies are responding to this unwanted stimulus but cutting hours from 35 to 30. Of course! Couldn't someone have predicted that?

So the company loses some of their services (preferable to losing the cost of providing a benefit both parties had already agreed to omit from the labor contract) and the worker loses some of the salary. Government is a lose-lose proposition.

In the coming free society, health care will be furnished like any other service in the market, at a vastly lower price than today - as shown here.

Military vs People

A good way to find out what's happening in Country A is to read newspapers published in Country B. In recent months Russia Today (rt.com) has been a good source of info about the US and allies, and last week there appeared a shocker about the UK's military.
Read it at http://rt.com/news/british-defence-war-public-419/ - the Ministry of Defence corresponds to the US Pentagon, and of course the two governments are joined at the hip.
It reveals an MoD paper about how to make the “public more willing to support future wars.”
Instead of responding to public demand for defense action, the military establishment is actually interested in persuading its public to support more wars – presumably, to increase the prestige and budget of the Ministry. And presumably, the interest comes from those who will wage them from behind a desk.
Oops, Minister!

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