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A Letter to PEOTUS


Recently nearby a load of sewage was dumped on me by a critic who alleged I fancy myself as a teacher, or pedagog. It's true that I have some such skills, but I can teach nothing to those who, like my critic, have closed their minds - for now - to reason. Teaching can happen only when the student wishes to learn.
This put me in mind of a further and far larger group; those to whom I could teach a great deal, but I don't know whether or not they would pay heed. On the principle that nothing is gained until something is ventured, I therefore wrote to the President to be, and to ensure he knows about it I made it "open" as today's ZGBlog. So please enjoy "Dear Mr Trump,"


A Wake-up Call


Today's Zero Government Blog is longer than most, and details the great danger to liberty in the view that nobody has any rights.

The STR Mission Statement says that it exists to "advance the cause of liberty", and Murray Rothbard identified as the "primary axiom" of the libertarian "the universal right of self ownership." Since Paul Bonneau and Alex Knight have repeatedly and emphatically denied the truth of that axiom, they have placed themselves in opposition to STR's mission and ought therefore to be relieved of their membership.

The Blog is titled Warning! Poison!

The $20T FedGov Debt: A Help or Hindrance?


It's unsustainable, obviously, but is its existence likely to assist us who are working to terminate government, or to obstruct us? Will the new President follow through on his hint about abrogating part of it? A few thoughts in today's Zero Government Blog explore the questions. Enjoy!

Keep Hillary Out

Nobody here votes, I trust, but all of us have friends who insist on validating the statist system by doing so; if you agree with the theme of today's Zero Government Blog, please send them a copy today.

The Right to Freedom


Last month the STR forum returned to the subject of rights, with some asserting that nobody has any. That would contradict the theory of individual liberty.
So today's ZGBlog The Concept of Rights attempts to bust that myth, by showing some other abstract ideas that we properly recognize as real. Enjoy!

Ancient Rome and Modern D.C.

The Roman emperors are known for murdering their rivals, and some for killing for amusement. Today's zero government blog recalls that the Clintons may be following in that tradition.
Anyone presuming to run your life or mine is despicable, but if Hillary is elected next month, she will be more despicable than most. Perhaps that may yet be prevented, by helping give The Clinton Body Count the widest possible circulation.

Irwin Schiff


Some STReaders have been influenced by this illegal-tax protester, who died a year ago last Sunday. On that day I visited his grave, to pay respects, and took some photos.
http://takelifeback.com/irwin/grave/index.html shows the results.

Border Control is Illegal

Even Ron Paul says that the Nation's borders need to be controlled. What he and everyone else seem to have overlooked is that no law allows that to happen.
Today's ZGBlog Bypassing Amendment Five explains, and shows the implications. Enjoy!

A New Star Has Risen

Today's ZGBlog is titled The Kokesh Phenomenon, and describes something new under the libertarian sun: a dynamic young campaigner for liberty who is making waves. He has published a remarkable short book, perhaps best seen as a long tract, whose effect on today's population may become comparable to what Paine's "Common Sense" was on his. Read "FREEDOM!"; its' free. It could be a government-buster.

He Pays No Tax!

That's the current accusation by the Hillarymedia, leveled at her adversary. Ridiculous, but an amazing number of people believe it. If only it were true! Today's ZGBlog Taxes, Trumped explores the scene.

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