were tossed into the pond last week, to make voters angry enough to take an interest in the coming election. These interminable conflicts keep folk from considering how much better off we'd all be without any government at all. Knots, Unraveled explores the details in today's Zero Government Blog.

Why Are Pit Bulls Banned? How Media Hysteria Fueled Stupid Laws


State banishment of pit bulls is explored in this ReasonTV video.

Must-Watch Libertarian Movies


In this DanielTheSexiest video, a libertarian recommends "libertarian" movies.

Reading Mean Tweets


A female libertarian reads unvirtuous tweets in this Julie Borowski video.

Peter A. Thiel: Run from Trends and Buzzwords

In this Independent Institute video, author Peter Thiel asserts that all technology trends are overrated.

DC Matic: The Hillary-Approved Email Server!


A Hillary Clinton-approved email server is advertised in this ReasonTV video.

Why Nine Died


Government and its media parrots have been busting guts to tell us last week's Charleston tragedy resulted from "hate" or "terrorism" or from a "lone wolf".
Today's Zero Government Blog fingers a larger culprit.

Ron Paul: Will the US and Israel Send a 'Thank You' Note to Iran?

In this RonPaulInstitute video, the former congressman notes that Iran is the principal military combatant against ISIS.

Anonymous Ignored by Cops at LAPD Protest for Africa shooting

An Anonymous libertarian is filmed by police at an anti-LAPD protest in this AdamKokesh video.

Extra Reasons Never to Vote

The sun hardly ever sets on the election season, but the media seem desperate this year to persuade the public that 2016 will be different, and important.
A Tale of Two Parties, out as today's ZGBlog, will make their job a little harder. Use it, perhaps, to show habitual voters why it's not a good idea.

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