Identifying Dissenters?

The recent automatic voter registration of all driver's license holders in Oregon by the bureau-rats calling themselves Government, is on track to be most eagerly emulated by their execrable counterparts in Commiefornia:
Note that one must "affirmatively opt-out" in order to avoid being automatically registered.
Currently, if one fails or refuses to register, one remains essentially anonymous.  Someone who is aloof, unconcerned, negligent, etc.
Now, one must be a conscientious, active refusenik in the eyes of the State, in order to avoid voter registration.
Pardon me, but I'm just cynical enough to believe that this move -- now about to envelop the most populous "state" (tax farm) in Amerika -- is about much more than just bolstering government "legitimacy" by pushing people towards participation in the title of this blog entry implies.
Your thoughts?


Jim Davies's picture

So government forbids unlicensed foreigners to live here unless they do, in fact, live here. And when they live here, if they drive, they are handed a license to drive lest they should drive without a license. Not being true citizens they are of course not allowed to vote (assuming any of them wish to) but now, in California, those who can drive are to be compelled to be able to vote. Is that about it?
Just another day in La-La Government Land.