Selling Your Vote


Just wanted to put a question out there to garner some thoughts:
While -- or perhaps since -- most if not all of the people reading this don't exercise their "right" to vote, if there were no governmental repercussions (or at least no serious ones) from selling your vote to someone each election cycle for a monetary fee (or other suitable compensation), would you be amenable to this?  Why or why not, depending?


Jim Davies's picture

This is ingenious. It would for sure demonstrate what is the true market price of the much-vaunted "right to vote". My guess is that it would, together with a $5 bill, purchase a Starbuck's cup of coffee.
However I have to give a thumbs-down. You or I or anyone else don't have a "right to vote" in elections whose warp and woof is the business of aggressing against innocents - no matter what governments and constitutions may say. And to sell what one does not rightfully own would be fraud.

Alex R. Knight III's picture

A valid argument, Jim.  I'm eager to see if there are any rebuttals, and what they might be.  I'm simply curious to see the various views of readers.

Glock27's picture

No, because people really don't have a clue as to how to vote and many don't even understand why they do vote. I want to stop paying taxes but my wife won't let me. I keep telling her that if we get in arrears $100,000. then we hire one of those tax lawyers to negotiate our debt down to $10,000 and then pay.