The Man With the Plan


Libertarian economist Bob Murphy presents his strategic plan to achieve liberty.


Jim Davies's picture

Bob spoke very well to the merits of education vs violence, and very nearly hit the jackpot when he said that there will come a point when so many have been educated that to rule them will be impossible.
But as I wrote here in What a Time to be Alive! in 2012, a stategic plan consists of:

  1. Define and describe the objective
  2. Identify the method to be used
  3. Specify the time scale and milestones
  4. List the resources required, and where they can be found
  5. Name the key dependencies assumed, and test for credibility

Quite a few of those essential elements are still missing from what Bob said, I think.
Such a strategic plan was announced, however, on Strike the Root in 2006.