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What About the Poor? Big Ideas Live! Recap with Mike Munger


Poverty is the topic of choice in this feeseminars video.

7 Creepy Robots for Cops

This ReasonTV video describes 7 anti-privacy "robots" utilized by the American Police State.

Education, On Demand: Economics, History, Philosophy, and More

A portal for ideas on demand is advertised in this Learn Liberty video.

Will Robots Take All the Jobs?

This ReasonTV video explores the robotic future.

Multiple Arrests & Racism at LAPD #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Libertarian Adam Kokesh provides commentary about an anti-LAPD protest in this video.

Generational Divide: CPAC Gets High and Gay Married

This ReasonTV video confirms that many CPAC members oppose "equal rights for everything".

Cop Assaults Air Force Capt. for Not Knowing Neighbor, Says He Could Have Tased or Shot Him Instead

More evidence of the American Police State is presented in this ReasonTV video.

The Law is Too Important to be Trusted to Government


In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian activist professes his support for law.

Libertarian Ethics Explained in Under 3 Minutes


Libertarian ethics is briefly explained in this carlos morales video.

Highway Massacre in Peru - Cops Killed with Spears!

In this AdamKokesh video, the libertarian activist discusses an underreported Peruvian conflict between man and State.

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