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"Gold: The Monetary Polaris"

Professor Lawrence White comments on a recent book by Nathan Lewis, which argues that the pre-1913 world gold standard system was the most successful monetary in world history, in this catoinstitutevideo.

California Law Forces Chefs and Bartenders to Wear Gloves


This ReasonTV video confirms that the California State is a pioneer in nanny-state activism.

Special Video for My Valentine


Libertarian satire can be funny, as evidenced by this Julie Borowski video.

"What If" - Ron Paul's Classic 2009 Foreign Policy Speech

This RonPaulInstitute video proves that Ron Paul was, is, and shall remain a foreign policy prophet.

Police Shoot, Kill 80-Year-Old Man in His Own Bed, Don't Find the Drugs They Were Looking For

We live in a police state, as documented in this ReasonTV video.

"WaPo Attacks Austrian Economics"

In this misesmedia video, Mark Thornton refutes the recent Washington Post attack on the Austrian school of economics.

Bitcoin Users Demolish an iPad and MacBook


In this Amanda Billyrock video, the libertarian activist and friends express their displeasure about Apple removing the popular Blockchain Bitcoin wallet app from its store.

Jesuit University Attacks Libertarian Professor; Help Fight Back!


The libertarian bestselling author requests assistance for embattled Professor Walter Block in this TomWoodsTV video.

Anarchy Tour Mayhem!!


In this Larken Rose video the libertarian discusses how the new ice age has impacted his crosscountry liberty trek. 

Walter Block's Wrong Headed Anti-Unionism


Libertarian Walter Block's anti-union stance is attacked in this c4ssvideos video.

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