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"Final 2013 GDP Numbers"


In this misesmedia video, Mark Thornton expresses concern about the validity of the American State's latest GDP numbers.

Who Owns You?


A big question is asked and answered in this Josie Outlaw video.

"Price Gouging"

In this misesmedia video, Dr. Joseph Salerno explains that price gouging is a myth.

The Stupidity of Political Hope

Political hope is exposed an an irrational lie in this carlos morales video. Exceeds Funding Goals


Chief Liberty Office Jeffery Tucker thanks libertarians for the successful crowdfunding campaign in this video.

"Coffee Market Fluctuations"

In this misesmedia video, Peter Klein explains how a free market in coffee commondities would function.

Patents, Public Health, and International Law

The absurdity of the intellectual monopoly (intellectual property) system is nicely illustrated in this catoinstitutevideo.

Jeffrey Tucker & Stephan Kinsella Bromance


In this video, two radical libertarians celebrate friendship.

Adam is FREE(ish)!


A libertarian activist announces his freedom in this AdamKokesh video.

Legalize Prostitution to Fight Sex Trafficking? Sex Workers Say "Yes"

In this ReasonTV video, Dennis Hof, propreieter of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, advocates for legalization of prostitution.

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