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NSA's Possible Victory on Data Retention

Jim Harper discusses the NSA police state in this catoinstitutevideo.

3 Absurd Reasons for Banning Drugs

In this Learn Liberty video, Professor Stephen Davies discusses 3 ridiculous reasons States have given to attempt to justify their unjust drug wars.

"Latest Unemployment Numbers"


Mark Thornton, in this misesmedia video, explains what the latest State employment report really tells us.

Downsize the Department of Health and Human Services


This catoinstitutevideo calls for downsizing the Department of Health and Human Services.

Communes & Property Rights - The Inescapable Reality

Michael Shanklin, in this VoluntaryVirtues0com video, discusses commune property rights in a stateless society.

Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project (01-04-2014)


In this DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left video, libertarians monitor public interactions between police and citizens.

When Resistance Becomes Duty


Josie Outlaw, in this video, calls for libertarian resistance.

Krauthammer's Take: Other than Obamacare, Biggest 2013 Story is Rising Libertarianism

In this National Review video, Charles Krauthammer recognizes, ruefully, the relative rise of libertarian social mores.

Kim Jong-Un [HEARTS] Obamacare!


I briefly thought this ReasonTV video was real.

"The Usefulness of Austrian Economics"

In this misesmedia video, Peter Klein explains how Austrian Economics offers unique economic insights.

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