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Caretaker of Disabled Child Humiliated in Botched Sex Sting

ReasonTV asks if cops don't have better things to do.

Re: Libertarians Hate Children Because Rothbard Says Parents Don't Have To Legally Clothe/Feed Kids

Libertarian Michael Shanklin, in this video, defends Rothbard's view of the rights of children.  I disagree with Shanklin and Rothbard on this issue.  I use a creation of peril argument.

Nelson Mandela and the Economics of Apartheid

Peter Klein, in a radio interview, discusses Mandela's inaccurate view of Apartheid as a "capitalist" economic system.

What are You Smoking? Introducing Marijuana Drug Safety Testing

ReasonTV, in this video, reports on the marijuana safety testing industry.

Surely the American People Would Never Let That Happen?!


Libertarian economist Robert Murphy is a wee bit concerned about the tepid response of the American people to escalating American State power.

"Extended Cognition and the Austrian School"


I have always been fascinated by philosophy of mind (materialism vs. panpsychism vs. dualism vs. a thousand other hypotheses).  I don't know yet what to make of this short MisesCanada video exploring the interplay between philosophy of mind and the Austrian School of Economics.  I found the talk's theme fascinating, however, so I thought it worthy of a link.  

Wenzel vs Kinsella in 10mins (BEST BITS)

Nikwillsaveusall extracted, for our amusement, the "best" clips from the Wenzel vs Kinsella IP shoutfest.

"Bitcoin and Central Banking"


Peter Klein believes the American State will ultimately attempt to assimilate cryptocurrencies.

The Man With the Plan


Libertarian economist Bob Murphy presents his strategic plan to achieve liberty.

What Business is it of Mine How You Raise Your Kids?

Libertarian philosopher Stefan Molyneaux is concerned about your parenting skills.

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