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Wenzel vs Kinsella in 10mins (BEST BITS)

Nikwillsaveusall extracted, for our amusement, the "best" clips from the Wenzel vs Kinsella IP shoutfest.

"Bitcoin and Central Banking"


Peter Klein believes the American State will ultimately attempt to assimilate cryptocurrencies.

The Man With the Plan


Libertarian economist Bob Murphy presents his strategic plan to achieve liberty.

What Business is it of Mine How You Raise Your Kids?

Libertarian philosopher Stefan Molyneaux is concerned about your parenting skills.

"Problems with the CPI"

Peter Klein is not a fan of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

A Better Approach for the Libertarian Movement


Jeffrey Tucker discusses libertarian strategy.

Nurse Practitioners Can Make Health Care Cheaper (and Doctors Want to Stop Them)

My fellow physicians want health care to remain expensive.

Grumpy Cat vs. Obamacare


Grumpy Cat is not a fan of Obamacare.

Mission Creep at the TSA and the Case for Privatization


When it comes to the TSA, justice is an anomaly.

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