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The Truth About Mental Illness and Guns


Doctors Say NO to Obamacare!

Yes we do; at least those of us who are anarcholibertarians.

Economics of ObamaCare

Economist Robert Murphy previews his upcoming Mises Academy short course on healthcare in this video.

The Drugging of America

Opposition to the excessive use of prescription medicines, especially for children, is the theme of this carlos morales video

"Our NSA Economy"


In this misesmedia video, Mark Thornon explicates the difference between data and knowledge.

The Origins and Purpose of State Schooling

I was unaware, until recently, that I once lived in the same city as libertarian George H. Smith for several years.  If I had known, I would have done everything in my power to persuade him to act as my libertarian mentor.  In this video, Smith details, brilliantly as usual, the criminal origins and purpose of State-funded education.

Objections to Libertarianism, Transitioning to Free(d) Markets, and More


In this DFW Alliance of the Libertarian Left video, Professor Robert Long answers a few basic questions about the left-libertarian philosophy.

"Why Are Illegal Drugs Stronger than They Used to Be?"

Professor Adam Martin explains the potency effect, in this Learn Liberty video.

"Healthcare and the Free Market"

Peter Klein, in this misesmedia video, discusses a true healthcare free market.

"This Professor Slays Zombies with Economics (and Guns)"


Zombie apocalypse economics are more complicated than you imagine, as described in this Learn Liberty video.

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