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Where Do Rights Come From?


In this campaignforliberty video, Author Tom Woods summarizes Hoppe's argumentation ethics.

How Government is Destroying the Medical Profession

Dr. Jeffrey Singer details, in this ReasonTV video, how the State is crushing professional medicine.

"Economics Teaches Us Humility"

Humility is a virtue the State abhors.

"Fama, Hansen, and Shiller"

When I learned about the 2013 recipients of the Economics "Nobel Prize" I immediately wondered what Austrian economists were thinking.  Per usual, the Mises Institute provided a quick answer.  See this misesmedia video discussing this topic.

Oklahoma Doctors vs. Obamacare

As a practicing physician in the United States I cannot overstate just how radical the business model of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma actually is.  This ReasonTV video profiles this business.  I am currently brainstorming how to transplant this business model to my specialty of radiation oncology.

Journalists and the NSA Scandal


Sadness is the emotion I experience every time I am reminded of the naivete of mainstream journalists regarding the nature of the State.  This catoinstitutevideo ( interview of Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian journalist, made me sad.  For the record, I did not weep.

"They Kidnapped Our Child": Why CPS Needs Transparency Now

This ReasonTV video ( confirms that State "protective" services for children are never the answer.

"For Their Own Protection": Children in Long-Term Solitary Confinement


Long-term solitary confinement is torture.  You will not be surprised to learn, from this video, that the U.S. prison state regularly inflicts this torture upon children.  The State's excuse for torturing children is disturbingly banal: it is for their own good. 

Do Children Have Rights?

I have a particular interest in bioethics.  Libertarian intellectuals have been grappling with bioethical issues for centuries.  I recently lucked upon a fascinating lecture by George H. Smith, in which he details his views regarding the rights of children.

My Time on the Battlefield


Robert Murphy comically discusses his recent adventures debating the enemies of civilization.

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