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Five Questions ("Government on Trial")


In this Larken Rose video, the libertarian asks five questions that statists cannot answer coherently.

Regulation Red Herring

The myth of an unregulated market is destroyed in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

The Government and You


In this AdamKokesh video, an interaction between a couple cats and a moth serves as an analogy for the interaction between the State and you.

Top 5 Pointless Congressional Hearings on Baseball


The idiocy of the American Legislative State is on naked display in this ReasonTV video.

Escaping Oppression


In this catoinstitutevideo video, a refugee from the former USSR recounts the tyranny of the USSR Communist Party.

Dissolving Borders

Open Borders Day is celebrated in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

Why You Have Two Brains


In this Stefan Molyneux video, the libertarian speculates about the nature of consciousness.

Presentation of the 2015 Murray N. Rothbard Medal of Freedom


Controversial libertarian Hans Hermann-Hoppe receives the 2015 Rothbard Medal in this misesmedia video.

Mandatory Minimums

In this catoinstitutevideo video, the president of FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) argues against mandatory minimum sentences.

Secret Service Incident Highlights Double Standard


A double standard of the American Police State is highlighted in this C4SS Feed 44 video.

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