Pat Buchanan is dead wrong about things like international trade and abortion, but is extraordinarily perceptive about many others. Today he has out a fine article about the Obamacare website fiasco.
In it he observes that government people contract out real work, rather often. This is a case in point; several components of the sign-up website were farmed out to software developers (plural) and only the task of fitting them together for a coherent whole was kept in-house. Seems the failure was precisely there; the components worked, but the coordination failed.
I notice that the Hero of the Year, Ed Snowden, worked not directly for the NSA but for a contractor, Booze Allen. There are presumably exceptions, but really smart people like him apparently don't work directly for gummit.
This has implications, for our supremely important task of undermining the State. In my Transition to Liberty I estimate that roughly half of the 40 million who need to be induced to quit their government jobs are actually in the productive sector, but working on government contracts. From the above, it may be that to displace that half may be even more useful than dislodging those who are literally on its payroll.