Ex=Party of Principle

Today's email included one from the LP, asking me to take part in a survey. Seems some have been leaping the barriers around the WW-II memorial in D.C., and the poll asked Lpers whether the government ought to have “closed” it during the current “shut-down.”
At this writing the poll results are shown here, and they make me very sad. Here is the self-proclaimed “Party of Principle” standing for “Minimum Government” (minimum equals zero, of course) asking a dumb question like that. Worse yet: just look at the results, so far with more than 2,600 votes cast.
The correct answer is of course that a zero government would have prevented participation by the US in 1941, but the nearest option to that was that “a non-interventionist policy might have prevented WW-II.” So I cast my vote there... yet that option garnered only 10%.
Hence: 90% of LP members and hangers-on would not be recognized by Murray Rothbard.