Fascism to Freedom


In recent months I've noticed that members of the "Left" are hot 'n heavy with indignation about NSA spying, and it's been a pleasure to be in sync with their commentators on that issue. Now with health care back in the spotlight, we part company - but the inconsistency is theirs, not ours. Obamacare is wickedly Fascist; it joins big companies in phramaceutical and insurance industries to government, at the hip. And yet the Lefties like it.
I thought to mark the occasion by slashing the price of my e-book To Freedom From Fascism, America! to $3 so that anyone can afford it. The book sets out concisely what Fascism really is, shows why America has been Fascist from the get-go, and why it's not good enough (or even feasible) to settle for Fascism in a mild form. And, of course, how Freedom can take its place. Why not get a copy, then recommend it to all statists you know.
Yes, it keys in to Aaron Russo's documentary, and picks up where that left off.