Forbes Article on Irwin Schiff


Forbes magazine has an extensive article out today by Peter Reilly about my favorite political prisoner.
It includes two video clips, very well worth watching. The first is an interview with Peter Schiff and the second is a Fox TV segment showing Irwin at his best.
Reilly manages (with some effort) to reach the wrong conclusion, but it's good to see such a prestigious magazine treating the subject seriously.


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Jim, did you read the comments section?  I first read the article a couple of days ago, and Reilly spouted typical establishment skepticism, but I was delighted to see the way he was corrected and taken to task by any numer of well-spoken Schiffites -- including Waxman, Irwin's attorney!  :-)

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That's a very lively set of comments!  Waxman is fine, but when appealing on Irwin's behalf he did not dare present his strongest arguments and was actually fined $1,000 for going so far as to "raise the issue" of whether the i-tax might be voluntary.  The statute laws are (as Irwin says) okay, because they neither define "income" nor compel a payment of tax on it; but the courts will enforce complaince anyway. I know of no way around that blockage; they are utterly corrupt. They were deliberately set up to do what vote-sensitive Congresscritters may have left undone; see my "1789."

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Comments are still accumulating on that Forbes site, and if anyone hasn't seen this yet, may I repeat the recommendation to do so. All the contributors are articulate, and the battle rages.
They make up the kind of exchange that should have characterized the Schiff trial - but that never came close to this standard of debate.
Anyone who regrets working every Monday for the FedGov's benefit ought not to miss it.