NH Suspends Vanity Plates

I don't know whether David Montenegro of Dover, NH is a Porcupine, but if not he should be given an honorary membership. In May, he won a Supreme Court case against the DMV that had refused to issue him a car vanity plate bearing the message COPSLIE. Also declined were GOVTLAZ and GOVTSUX. Courts have, of course, repeatedly indemnified cops who blatantly lie.
So now, according to the Valley News, the DMV won't issue any at all, for GOVTSUX is as true as it gets. Embarassed by publication of the way it is, apparently government in these parts will hide the truth.
Vanity plates cost $40. I can think of a few bumper-stickers that would do the job for a lot less.


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In fact, I wonder if there might be a bus-opp here. B-stickers could be fashioned in a style that has the "look" of an authentic state license plate, so COPSLIE could be stuck on the bumper or some other part of the car's rear end and convey its accurate message - but the location would not be the one prescribed for the issued license plate (in the center, usually.)
Each state has a different style and color plan, so the production runs would be small and so the prices would be higher than usual. But nothing close to that $40, and the money would go somewhere worthwhile, instead of to the State Treasury.