Obamacare "Won't Work"

My least favorite member of PBS' News Hour team is Gwen Ifil; she likes to be Queen Hen. But this week, she met her match when trying to interview Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY.)  It was a pleasure to see.

He was confident and emphatic, very much in control. And though not associated with even the Tea Party, he predicted total failure for Obamacare - possibly for reasons similar to those in Glen Allport's recent STRticle. Referring not to the web-site fiasco but to the whole scheme, McConnell said

           "I don't think Albert Einstein could make this thing work. It can't work. It won't work."

This puts him right out on a limb. Pols don't normally climb there, so he must be very sure. Let's assume he is right. Why would Obama insist on pushing this forward, when it's so credibly predicted to fail?

One answer, that looks more believable every day, is that by design, it was never meant to work; that it is meant to be such a huge failure that the Sheeple will plead instead for a Euro-Canadian style "single payer system" such as the Left really want.

Another chance for us to promote instead a system with 300 million payers and zero government participation.