I find it very hard to understand what's going on in Kiev. Putin would clearly like the country to join his empire, and the McCain/Kerry duopoly clearly want it to join the West. The MSM say it's a quarrel about the bloc with whom the country should be aligned; the EU (West of the city) or Russia (to its East.)
But the longer the protest continues, the less I believe that. People don't fight and die for a rather abstract policy.
It's worth a couple of minutes to watch - a young lady on the protester's front lines explains what it's about. "We want to be free from the politicians, who work only for themselves", she says. "We are normal people... civilized people; but our government are barbarians."
Don't know how deep that runs, or whether these folk have a serious plan to overthrow the Yanukovitch regime and replace it with nothing; but on their face, those are pretty libertarian sentiments.


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This view that the protesters are not much interested in the EU but just opposed to the Ukraine government is supported by a string of posts made to the Guardian forum on January 23rd by one Iryna Riasnianska - you can read them here. One sample:
She hasn't posted since. I hope she's still alive.

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So ends a fantastic week! - the protesters have got pretty well all they demanded. It now remains to be seen whether they will be sold down-river, and whether US/EU influence within their movement will twist the revolution into a shape they never wanted. It also remains to be seen whether Putin of Russia will intervene to protect his back yard.
I know of no in-depth libertarian education that has been done in preparation for this change, so it is wide open to those dangers. They have dispatched one tyrant, who slunk out of the capital, tail between legs (joke of the day: "Chicken Kiev") but the institutions of government still remain so another could take his place.