Yes, the Affordable Care Act is "the law"... and?

Upheld and vetted and harumphed by all branched of government, just as the hundreds of thousands of other laws are.  And like most other laws, it is destructive of freedom and liberty and worthy of all the ridicule, disparagement, and disobedience anyone can muster.
The idea that something must be right simply because it is "the law" denounces the very soul of humanity, the soul wherein we know what is right and wrong, and act on that knowledge.  Law provides the magic words by which we can confuse our intellect to override our senses.  We know it is wrong to steal, but if there is a law, some magic words, some clever turn of phrase and logical fallacy, we will accept it, or even champion it.
That is the power of politics and politicians, to turn our reason against our selves.