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Another Mass Shooting Prevented


By a brave private citizen with a concealed handgun. CNN and MSNBC should be picking up this story any day now...

Malala Yousafzai to the Predator: 'Drone Strikes Are Fueling Terrorism'

"That fact was conspicuously absent from the White House statements on the meeting." HAHAHA.

We Don't Need the State for Trade and Commerce to Flourish

The "shadow economy," where individuals do business on their own without registering with a state, paying taxes, and abiding by government regulations is massive. This type of trade is represented by self-reliance, improvisation, localism, rapid adaptation, and the bottom-up order that free exchange creates. Let market anarchy reign!

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Anti-NSA activists have adopted a highway near the NSA's massive surveillance center in Utah. The activists have been protesting outside of the center for months and aren't going away any time soon.
Not only are they surrounding Big Brother's warehouse, they are also exposing the inefficiences and incompetence of government road "services" as well. These sacrosant roads - which, of course, only state violence can provide -  are virtually all maintained and cleaned by private groups and volunteers now anyway.
What poetic justice it is! These activists are killing two birds with one stone, further chipping away at Leviathan.

Government Challenges Anarchy to a Duel

More 'Shutdown' Sideshows

Obama and Co. are really going out of their way to send a message. The drones still fly, the NSA still snoops, the alphabet soup agencies of coercion and plunder are still open, but Caesar is still finding ways to make it as inconvenient for us as possible.
The feds are are ordering a hotel in North Carolina to close which dared to stay open despite being ordered to close. "The Blue Ridge Parkway is not a closed national park so there seems to be no legitimate reason for the shutdown of the small business, other than to force private citizens to feel as much pain as possible." Exactly.

The Problem with 'Reform'

"Reform" has got to be one of the most nauseating terms in the American lexicon. Have you ever noticed how government programs that have failed miserably are always in need of "reform?" I know we messed it up a dozen times before, folks, but we just need a little bit more money, authority, and coercion this time and everything will be fixed.
Thankfully, Senator Diane Feinstein is on the job! Her new NSA Reform Bill would actually - wait for it - expand the NSA's powers and give them even more leeway to monitor and spy. Because, says Feinstein, terrorism is everywhere. Except that it's not.
Screw reform, tweaks, or whatever word they want to call their shuffling of the deck chairs. Politicians will never have the answer, and it's our job alone to clean up the mess they've made by circumventing their power and spreading the ideas behind a free society to all who will listen.

Abolish the CIA!

While reading the late Chalmers Johnson's Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope, I ran across an incredibly telling sentence about the CIA and presidential power.
"...every president since Truman, once he discovered that he had a totally secret, financially unaccountable private army at his personal disposal, found its deployment irresistible. But covert operations usually become entangled in hopeless webs of secrecy and invariably led to more blowback."
The blowback then leads to mass fear and the further erection of the national-security-state.
Johnson, throughout the book and his "blowback trilogy," details how utterly dangerous the CIA is. Rather than reform it, he says it needs to be abolished. And this is coming from a former CIA man himself.
Abolishing the CIA and the secret, unaccountable power it gives the president would be a great first step in scaling back the White House and eventually burning that damn mansion of murder to the ground.

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