Abolish the CIA!

While reading the late Chalmers Johnson's Dismantling the Empire: America's Last Best Hope, I ran across an incredibly telling sentence about the CIA and presidential power.
"...every president since Truman, once he discovered that he had a totally secret, financially unaccountable private army at his personal disposal, found its deployment irresistible. But covert operations usually become entangled in hopeless webs of secrecy and invariably led to more blowback."
The blowback then leads to mass fear and the further erection of the national-security-state.
Johnson, throughout the book and his "blowback trilogy," details how utterly dangerous the CIA is. Rather than reform it, he says it needs to be abolished. And this is coming from a former CIA man himself.
Abolishing the CIA and the secret, unaccountable power it gives the president would be a great first step in scaling back the White House and eventually burning that damn mansion of murder to the ground.