The Problem with 'Reform'

"Reform" has got to be one of the most nauseating terms in the American lexicon. Have you ever noticed how government programs that have failed miserably are always in need of "reform?" I know we messed it up a dozen times before, folks, but we just need a little bit more money, authority, and coercion this time and everything will be fixed.
Thankfully, Senator Diane Feinstein is on the job! Her new NSA Reform Bill would actually - wait for it - expand the NSA's powers and give them even more leeway to monitor and spy. Because, says Feinstein, terrorism is everywhere. Except that it's not.
Screw reform, tweaks, or whatever word they want to call their shuffling of the deck chairs. Politicians will never have the answer, and it's our job alone to clean up the mess they've made by circumventing their power and spreading the ideas behind a free society to all who will listen.