Cattle Ranchers vs. The Feds

In this ReasonTV video, the danger of a private-public partnership in grazing rights is illuminated.

Freedom in Our Time


The turn of the year having brought more doom, gloom and pessimism - even on STR there's been talk of abandoning hope for anarchism by having a "P" in front of the word - I thought to offer as my New Year gift a shot of optimism in the first Zero Government Blog of 2016. So, enjoy this reminder that full freedom can be obtained easily and within a single generation.

States Should Reject the REAL ID Law

The national ID system is criticized in this catoinstitutevideo video.

How Martin O'Malley Helped Create the Baltimore Riots

In this ReasonTV video, the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition explains that the drug war policies of the O'Malley regime helped fuel the Baltimore riots.

Does Open Immigration Threaten National Sovereignty?

A Cato scholar argues that opening up immigration in the US would not undermine America's national sovereignty in this video.

Come Take It, I Deere You

In this C4SS Feed 44 video, John Deere's claim that it, not the farmer who purchased the tractor, is the true owner of the tractor is ridiculed.

On the Danger of Excess Reserves


Patrick Barron details the danger of excess reserves in this MisesCanada video.

5 Stupid Alcohol Laws in Virginia


In this Learn Liberty video, 5 absurd Virginia anti-alcohol laws are chronicled.

The Constitution is Just a Piece of Paper


A libertarian confirms he is an anarchist in this Stefan Molyneux video.

Jailed for Rap Lyrics: Is Rapper Tiny Doo a Murderer or a Musician?


In this ReasonTV video, another unjust occurrence of prosecutors using rap music in a criminal proceeding is documented.

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