"They Kidnapped Our Child": Why CPS Needs Transparency Now

This ReasonTV video ( confirms that State "protective" services for children are never the answer.

"For Their Own Protection": Children in Long-Term Solitary Confinement


Long-term solitary confinement is torture.  You will not be surprised to learn, from this video, that the U.S. prison state regularly inflicts this torture upon children.  The State's excuse for torturing children is disturbingly banal: it is for their own good. 

This explains a lot

Adults who live in the "greatest country in the world" don't even have average literacy skills:
The trend is also obvious.  Aren't government schools just great?

The IPCC Exposed

The Corbett Report does and excellent job addressing the most recent global warming propaganda report from the cronies at the UN:
It amazes me how many people can still fall for this unscientific polemic against mankind.

Government Challenges Anarchy to a Duel

Do Children Have Rights?

I have a particular interest in bioethics.  Libertarian intellectuals have been grappling with bioethical issues for centuries.  I recently lucked upon a fascinating lecture by George H. Smith, in which he details his views regarding the rights of children.

Ex=Party of Principle

Today's email included one from the LP, asking me to take part in a survey. Seems some have been leaping the barriers around the WW-II memorial in D.C., and the poll asked Lpers whether the government ought to have “closed” it during the current “shut-down.”
At this writing the poll results are shown here, and they make me very sad. Here is the self-proclaimed “Party of Principle” standing for “Minimum Government” (minimum equals zero, of course) asking a dumb question like that. Worse yet: just look at the results, so far with more than 2,600 votes cast.
The correct answer is of course that a zero government would have prevented participation by the US in 1941, but the nearest option to that was that “a non-interventionist policy might have prevented WW-II.” So I cast my vote there... yet that option garnered only 10%.
Hence: 90% of LP members and hangers-on would not be recognized by Murray Rothbard.

"A joke is a very serious thing." ~W. Churchill


The government shutdown has spurred a number of new terms  from "Spitehouse" to "Barry-cades."  Here's hoping they stick around - *snort!*

My Time on the Battlefield


Robert Murphy comically discusses his recent adventures debating the enemies of civilization.

More 'Shutdown' Sideshows

Obama and Co. are really going out of their way to send a message. The drones still fly, the NSA still snoops, the alphabet soup agencies of coercion and plunder are still open, but Caesar is still finding ways to make it as inconvenient for us as possible.
The feds are are ordering a hotel in North Carolina to close which dared to stay open despite being ordered to close. "The Blue Ridge Parkway is not a closed national park so there seems to be no legitimate reason for the shutdown of the small business, other than to force private citizens to feel as much pain as possible." Exactly.

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