Revenge Porn

The government of the Peoples' Republic of California has just enacted another nasty law to limit the freedom of speech; Gov. Brown signed a prohibition against “Revenge Porn.”
Suppose you like a lover so much that you send him (or her) a nude photo of yourself. Then later the two of you break up, and in a fit of peek he (or she) publishes the photo on the Net, for the satisfaction of revenge. The CA prohibition would penalize the publication.
It's a vicious thing to do, for sure, but Karen de Coster argues that it should not be illegal. She's right, but then nothing should be illegal, and in the coming free society nothing will be illegal. Why not? - there won't be any government, so there won't be any laws.
However the victim of such spite might have a recourse, in that free society – and possibly even in the present one. She (or he) could sue; on the grounds that when sending the lover the nudie pic she did not accompany it with permission to publish to all and sundry; that it was intended and understood to be for his exclusive use, given that the two of them were enjoying an exclusive relationship.
I don't know whether that argument would prevail, and damages be granted. But at least the matter could be adjudicated, without the monstrous interference of government. And of course with restitution if it did, instead of retribution.


It always messes up the delicate balance of human interactions.

Here's a report of how, faced with the FedGov's mandate to provide employees with health care if they work more than 30 hours a week, some companies are responding to this unwanted stimulus but cutting hours from 35 to 30. Of course! Couldn't someone have predicted that?

So the company loses some of their services (preferable to losing the cost of providing a benefit both parties had already agreed to omit from the labor contract) and the worker loses some of the salary. Government is a lose-lose proposition.

In the coming free society, health care will be furnished like any other service in the market, at a vastly lower price than today - as shown here.

Selling Your Vote


Just wanted to put a question out there to garner some thoughts:
While -- or perhaps since -- most if not all of the people reading this don't exercise their "right" to vote, if there were no governmental repercussions (or at least no serious ones) from selling your vote to someone each election cycle for a monetary fee (or other suitable compensation), would you be amenable to this?  Why or why not, depending?

Indian Govt. Eyes Hindu Temple Gold

"Sounds like a brilliant plan. Take wealth that was accumulated over thousands of years and sell it for an electronic unit of exchange that Ben Bernanke can create in infinite quantities with a single keyboard stroke.  Can people possibly be this stupid?"  link

Military vs People

A good way to find out what's happening in Country A is to read newspapers published in Country B. In recent months Russia Today ( has been a good source of info about the US and allies, and last week there appeared a shocker about the UK's military.
Read it at - the Ministry of Defence corresponds to the US Pentagon, and of course the two governments are joined at the hip.
It reveals an MoD paper about how to make the “public more willing to support future wars.”
Instead of responding to public demand for defense action, the military establishment is actually interested in persuading its public to support more wars – presumably, to increase the prestige and budget of the Ministry. And presumably, the interest comes from those who will wage them from behind a desk.
Oops, Minister!

Poll: Americans Reject GOP Shutdown Strategy

"Americans really aren’t crazy about Obamacare — but hate the Republican approach of closing the government in an effort to repeal it. ... The Quinnipiac University national survey found that the public is split on the Affordable Care Act, with 47 percent opposed to it and 45 percent in favor. But Americans, by a lopsided 72-22 percent margin, say shutting down the government is not the answer."
If shutting down the government -- really shutting down the government -- isn't the answer, then the question wasn't worth asking.

Is it really a "shutdown" if 80% of it is still running?

Four point one million people work for the Federal government, and eighty percent will continue through the so-called "shutdown".  The dog and pony show continues, and the people are going to get their democracy good and hard, in the form of some parks closing.
The grand posturing that makes "us" think "they" are important is more valuable to them than any supposed service they can provide.  And how, anyone, does one "close" a public park?  If we the people own it, then how can we close it from ourselves?
So the grand charade continues, breaking news, over and over.

NBC's Brian Williams Broadcasts Another Lie to Keep War Narrative Going

We already witnessed the abysmal treatment that Williams gave to Ron Paul. Here's the latest fib from NBC's expert liear, Brian Williams, as he describes the words of the new president of Iran about Iran never seeking nuclear weapons:
"This is all part of a new leadership effort by Iran - suddenly claiming they don't want nuclear weapons! ; what they want is talks and transparency and good will. And while that would be enough to define a whole new era, skepticism is high and there's a good reason for it."

Vegas Cops Kill with Impunity

This is so disturbing, I don't know how Will Grigg can keep his equanimity.
Here's the link.

Escaping the School Monopoly in Detroit and Everywhere Else

Like most people, I was forced to attend miserable government monopoly schools – in my case, in the Warren Consolidated School district north of Detroit, where I graduated from Cousino High School. During that 13-year prison sentence, I encountered a handful of decent teachers—a tiny fraction of the total. The rest were merely putting in their time as I was in a temporary-release prison system.
Detroit Goes Belly-Up – Yes!
Later, before I discovered the freedom philosophy, but after I had completed my master’s degree in medieval studies at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Medieval Studies and at the Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, I became one of these teachers for a short period of time in the Detroit Public Schools. I left after 2 years. Today I am pleased that the city of Detroit is bankrupt, and I sincerely hope that its public schools will disappear along with the fetid teachers’ union and the rest of the criminal enterprise that constitutes public schooling and city government. Let’s hope it spreads to other cities — and it will. Karen de Koster has a wonderful blog on the anarcho re-invention of Detroit, called Detroit: From Rust to Riches.
Detroit has an exciting future without the parasites of government. While I was a teacher there, I saw many dozens of examples of bullying by teachers and students, the imposition of mindless textbooks, clueless textbook committees that evaluated future textbooks using evaluation criteria that had nothing to do with the subject matter but everything to do with the currently approved political winds emanating from the rump end of some bureaucrat, examples of gross ignorance among the teaching staff, and amazing levels of waste in the lunch program and other “safety net” programs. It was embarrassing to witness and even more embarrassing to be part of – even without the perceptions I now have.
Ron Paul’s Program
Here is John Stossel’s interview with Ron Paul, who has launched a homeschooling curriculum. His is merely one version of homeschooling, and even though his curriculum does not embody the full-blown concept of un-schooling, where students are entirely self-directed and progress according to their own (naturally branching-out) interests, he has attempted to provide one vector to escape from the indoctrination mechanism of government monopoly schools. I find it interesting that government propagandists have been so successful at isolating homeschoolers and un-schoolers with smears of “anti-social” and “unbalanced” – all as children are searched, gunned down, recruited into gangs, bullied, robbed, smothered in useless homework, and numbed by mindless teachers with toilet-paper degrees in “education” -- as if that process is some form of “positive” socialization. The propaganda is beginning to fray, and even students in the wealthiest school districts are beginning to see the holes in the underwear of public schools. As we used to say in the 1980a, “When you think of public schools, think of public toilets.”
The Real Roots of Mass Literacy: Johann Gutenberg’s Printing Press
If you are interested in the roots of literacy, it has nothing to do with government schools and a lot to do with the increased availability of cheap reading material made possible by Johann Gutenberg when he launched the IP-free concept of printing with moveable type in the years 1454 and 1455. Thus he fathered not only a revolution in literacy and private learning, but religious revolutions, the scientific revolution, and perhaps the revolution of freedom in thinking and the philosophy of individualism as people could easily parse text in front of their own eyes more cheaply than ever before. You may want to read about this in one of my very old STR articles, Johann Gutenberg Genuine Inventor and Benefactor of Mankind. Now, with the Internet, Gutenberg’s revolution has been given an exponential boost, and everyone has a printing press! And STR is one of them!

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