A New Star Has Risen

Today's ZGBlog is titled The Kokesh Phenomenon, and describes something new under the libertarian sun: a dynamic young campaigner for liberty who is making waves. He has published a remarkable short book, perhaps best seen as a long tract, whose effect on today's population may become comparable to what Paine's "Common Sense" was on his. Read "FREEDOM!"; its' free. It could be a government-buster.

He Pays No Tax!

That's the current accusation by the Hillarymedia, leveled at her adversary. Ridiculous, but an amazing number of people believe it. If only it were true! Today's ZGBlog Taxes, Trumped explores the scene.


Last Saturday, I hit a big one. The collision was exhausting and degrading.
There's plenty of good and valid criticism around of the TSA, who harass people on the way around and out of the US, but I've not seen much about the government's treatment of returning citizens, coming back in. Today's ZGBlog repairs the omission.

Currency outside control

We're aware of the havoc caused by government paper or "fiat" money.
However, it does have some merits! - and today's ZGBlog rehearses one of them, as Ben's Value.

Labor Day Hangover

Labor Day is the day when few people do any labor, but in my case I labored all day long to bring you the latest ZGBlog, Labor in the Coming Zero Government Society. Enjoy!

When to Flout Laws

Government laws need have no moral significance at all, being merely the opinions of other people. They ought to be ignored... but for the most part, not yet. That's the reasoning in today's Zero Government Blog, A Time to Break Laws. Enjoy, and beware advice to the contrary.

The Greatest Scam


of all, perhaps, is the government-promoted fiction that we ought to help others, as a moral duty. That's called "altruism."  Today's ZGBlog removes its lid.

The Lunatics in Charge


Those with a will to govern us all have now descended to calling each other crazy, so today's ZGBlog asks to what degree they may be right.
It's considerable. Enjoy Notes from the Asylum.

But what about the infrastructure?


Sometimes we get hit with that question: if there were no government, surely the bridges would crumble!
Today's Zero Government Blog shows why that just ain't so.

Government's "Justice" Monopoly Cracking?


Popular opinion holds that even if it does nothing else, government must operate a justice system.
Today's ZGBlog relates the story of one man's harrowing experience, that demonstrates how rotten that system is. One more nail in its coffin; enjoy A Little Good News.

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