When to Flout Laws

Government laws need have no moral significance at all, being merely the opinions of other people. They ought to be ignored... but for the most part, not yet. That's the reasoning in today's Zero Government Blog, A Time to Break Laws. Enjoy, and beware advice to the contrary.

The Greatest Scam


of all, perhaps, is the government-promoted fiction that we ought to help others, as a moral duty. That's called "altruism."  Today's ZGBlog removes its lid.

The Lunatics in Charge


Those with a will to govern us all have now descended to calling each other crazy, so today's ZGBlog asks to what degree they may be right.
It's considerable. Enjoy Notes from the Asylum.

But what about the infrastructure?


Sometimes we get hit with that question: if there were no government, surely the bridges would crumble!
Today's Zero Government Blog shows why that just ain't so.

Government's "Justice" Monopoly Cracking?


Popular opinion holds that even if it does nothing else, government must operate a justice system.
Today's ZGBlog relates the story of one man's harrowing experience, that demonstrates how rotten that system is. One more nail in its coffin; enjoy A Little Good News.

Government and Good Ethics


That and other hopeless contradictions are explored in today's ZGBlog: Rule vs Morality. Enjoy!

Government = War

The ghastly slaughter of WW-1 (and the consequent, four times bigger one of WW-2) took place because governments exist. The story of its origins, therefore, makes a powerful case for anarchism.
Today's ZGBlog attempts a critique of what school children are being taught about those origins, as Tuchman's "August".

The Big Con

Perhaps it's the smoothest con-job in history; Jefferson's assertion that our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness needs for its security the guardianship of the most egregious violator of rights.
Today's Zero Government Blog exposes the con, as The Great Non-Sequitur. Enjoy!

The Brexit


It's a heavy blow to the complacent, arrogant class that promotes more government everywhere. Last Thursday, to its total consternation, the British said "no more."
Today's ZGBlog celebrates the occasion with A Worm Turned. Join the fun.

These Vets Think There is a Better Path to Peace: Selling Flip Flops

In this ReasonTV video, veterans propose a novel way to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

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