Boston Mob Boss Trial Watchers wonder: Will 'Whitey' Talk?


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From the article:

    "...Bulger contends he paid Connolly for information but provided none of his own. The mob boss regards talking to the authorities, or being "a rat," as the worst offense a gang member could commit. Prosecutors contend Bulger murdered several people he believed were talking to the FB..."

There could be no "mob" in the absence of that monopoly group of psychopaths lovingly referred to as the state. "...The state is the central abstraction by which a catastrophically wrong idea is placed into practice. It is the organized system for employing violent action (or its threat) on the part of individuals..." (Thanks, David Calderwood). Without a drug war or vice laws, what is called "mobster" by those predators (and their lap-dog press) acting as government would have nothing to sell. Some of them might be quite successful entrepreneurs in a totally free market -- folks you'd like to call friends.

If he in fact murdered guys or gals, then that's a bad deal. But I don't think he's being tried for murder. Sounds like he's been competing with the real mobsters -- those running whatever "court" has him bound up over in Boston, and all who feed from the same trough. To them -- for whom murder is an every day occurrence and all in a day's work -- competition is a felony offense.

Yes, sir, ree, Bob! Lock 'im up tight!