Brazil Mutant Mosquitoes To Breed Out Diseases


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What an insanely bad idea it is to introduce GMO into the environment like this. 

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Indeed. There is some evidence that previoustly released altered mosquitoes may have contributed to the outbreaks they're aiming to resolve in the first place. These plans to "improve" the environment always seem to come with unintended consequences. In my area, for instance, the environmentalists decided that the local salt cedar trees were an invasive species, choking out more "desireable" trees. Meanwhile, there are very few trees here to begin with, desirable to the environmentalists or not...we are in the high desert. Anyway, they released a "specialized" beetle to eradicate the salt cedars. It did some damage as intended the first year, then multiplied and spread to wipe out a hefty percentage of the trees they'd done all this to "save." Yet, after many such follies over many years, there are still arrogant fools who believe they can and should "manage" our environment.

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Hey Sharon. What we need to do here is come up with a GMO bureaucrat species. One that goes to work and stares at the wall in a semi-comatose condition until quitting time and then goes home, thereby avoiding inflicting any further damage on the environment and aggravation or expense to us. Here in MI most of our vast forests are either privately owned or occuppied by the "state" of MI rather than the feds. You guys out west are uniquely cursed with absentee federal occupiers and I do feel for you.

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Better yet, make it an invasive species, which overtakes the species of bureaucrat which is hell-bent on interfering with peaceful people.