Buying Off Discontent: The Economic Wreckage of Disability Benefits in America


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Compassion I believe is something of the past. I have learned that mostly from my membership here. It makes me curious to know how many STR members are compassionate and give to various organizations that help the hungry, cold and homeless.
This past year I have contributed a very significant amount of money to known organizations that help and "Wounded Warriors" is one since the abstract maggot is abandoning them. I avoid organizations wherein I cannot use my contribution as a tax write off, ulterior motive to my giving.
Currently I seriously believe that many churches, charitable organizations and individuals do next to nothing to help those in need. And we wonder where criminals come from. What would you do if your family were starving and freezing? How many people do you know that could use help? I have gone there a number of times with individual help. Sad to say I could not use that on my charitable contributions list, boo-hoo! Oh! Well. I feel good about myself. Guess I needed to get that off my chest just to let someone know.

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To be honest I give very little, and not just because of slender available resources.
On the other hand I donate quite a lot of time, directing my efforts to solving the actual problem (of wounded vets, for example) instead of just applying patches. Prevention is better than cure.
The needed task is so to influence public opinion that there won't be any more wars for them to fight. That means, of course, that the governments which fight them need to be abolished. That huge task is the focus of my efforts. An example is what my local newspaper published back in 1994 for Memorial Day, and here is the archive of my articles since then about Defense and the Warfare State.
So compssion takes several forms, but I'm comfortable with going for the jugular; palliatives are fine, but striking at the root of the problem (war, poverty, etc) seems to me better.

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Sadly I have to agree that compassion seems to have disappeared, even within the churches. I did not make it my point but howmuch one gives is a moot point. I believe any reaching out to assist those who (need help) and not just moochers. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference.
I am thinking that right now, hear and now the palliatives are critical needed. I also understand the long term need. Since in am roughly 60% infalid I can do very little physically.
I hope for your long term success. I am possibly 80% converted, the pesimism in me impedes my full conversion. There are just some elements I am not fully convinced of, but I extend to you a hearty thanks for any level of assistance to anyone in need (true need)