Catastrophe Looming Thanks to Obamacare


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Oh,'s not a catastrophe looming. It's a premeditated opportunity to set up single-payer coverage!

"Let's take a look at the numbers. The average cost of a family health plan is around $14,000 per employee, much of it paid by employers. Under the new law, an employer who fails to offer government-mandated health insurance will face a $2,000 per employee fine.
Under Obamacare, small businesses owners are given every possible incentive to stop offering health insurance, and in this economy, it's hard to see why they wouldn't."

So, what comes next? Businesspeople all across the land will start dropping coverage. Then the businesspeople will be villified for their alleged greed. Politicians will be pilloried for their supposed lack of foresight. "Throw the bums out!", the rabble will scream. "Fix health care!"

A crop of socialists will be elected and enter Congress. Then presto, change-o. We get socialized medicine, just like the bleeding hearts and many docs, too, wanted. Of course, the docs will still have their lucrative medical cartel, and they'll still be playing the victim of government meddling in medicine. Owners of drug companies will still enjoy their lucrative patents and have a fat stream of revenue guaranteed by the government. Legions of chardonnay socialists in the big cities will still have their cushy desk jobs figuring out how to keep the racket working to their own advantage.

Funny how some things stay the same the more that they change.