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It was said earlier today that things will never be the same after 9/11. In a way, that is true. Some 3,000 souls are no longer among us, and more than most, I abhor their absence from our midst.

But 9/11 is in no way the worst tragedy to befall America, or the human race. I alluded to this in an earlier post. Of course it was a horrific event. But how many events worldwide the last three months were not horrific in the same sense? Is it only when it happens in America that it takes on some special importance? 9/11 is now a holy day revered in the secular sense, more than any day likewise proclaimed 'holy' by the Church.

We of this country do ascribe to ourselves a special significance--be it in life or death. The rest of the world's peoples know we do this, and they rightly resent us for it. Those closest to us resent us for it, and we are so myopic we cannot see it.

Some 11 months ago, we had the goodwill of the world at our doorstep, offering us whatever we needed. We have translated that into the well-worn 'ugly American' in less than a year, and rather than back up and re-evaluate, we have a presidential administration so hell-bent on war that his daddy's administration looks like wusses by comparison.

One of you out there! Prove Iraq has nukes, or WMD in operational fashion. Can you?

No. You parrot the news, and pretend to be learned. The American media, as leaks develop, tells us this is so. The fact that the blogosphere is so overwhelmingly in favor of war is clear indication that, while bloggers have some effect on matters political, it/they are all too ready to suck the same teat as does the mainstream media.

And so, the result is precisely the same. Spend a gazillion to fight the 44th war of the last century (or is it the 45th--but how many declared by Congress, you constitutional buffs?), sacrifice the lives of our kids to kill the kids of another culture, just so the DCCrats can declare another one of their victories, and take another gazillion from our wallets.

When will we wake up? I mean those of you who go 'Duh?' at my rants and those of others who rant far better than me! When will WE back up and study our founding documents (I mean, some of you are teachers, for crying out loud!) and understand what America is SUPPOSED to be, not this belligerent world power going to war on average every 4 years!

Arrrrgh, another cri de coeur on my part. I do that on occasion. But that one was ages ago. What has passed for policy since then has hardened me terribly against virtually anything coming out of DC. Rational minds either caution me or chastise me, much as did Chamberlain Europe prior to WWII, or . . . Orwell in warning us of the fascism upon us.

Both were late-comers . . . (Not-so) Honest Abe tore us firmly away from our constitutional moorings, and we have never returned. Nor do we show the first indication of doing so. What is there 'American' about America anymore? Seriously, Sports Fans, what of the founders' vision truly remains a fixture in our lives?

I challenged someone last week to come up with evidence to the contrary. For those that have been reading, you know the results. The guy bailed--had no answer whatsoever! For those new to it all, there will be no answer, because there is no answer.

I was educated with an understanding of what America was supposed to be, thank the Deity some hate to mention. We are not what we are supposed to be. And most find that just fine and dandy.

The excuses are breathtaking. Our regression into Europe's mindset is incredible. Banking, politics, and stupidity. I suspect the guillotine is not far behind. The progression of logic is there . . . .

Breathtaking. Hand over your innate freedoms. Some even think there is no such thing as an innate freedom. The illogic they display in saying so is even more breathtaking.

It will not be liberals and commies and all manner of evil sorts that spell the end to America. It will be those who meant to protect it most, but who knew the least about it, who will hand it over on a silver platter. In many ways . . . .

They already have . . . most of us are fiddling while Rome burns . . .

And we . . .

Call ourselves patriots.


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