The Coming Drone Attack on America


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Cheers Drones,
I skimmed this because I have too many other things to be concerned over. They may make good targets to shoot,at but personally I cannot take them too seriously right now and personally I believe it to be political media psyops, an attempt to scare the s**t out of us.

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Way back in the early 1970's when SWAT was in it's infancy many folks had the same indifferent attitude that you now have with drones.  Remember how politicans claimed that SWAT would be used in a very limited basis for the so-called "worst of the worst" scenarios?  Fast foward 40 years and SWAT is now being used for warrant service over 50,000 times per year across the US with catastrophic results.   

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You chastize me tzo. When you read all the garbage that floats under the internet bridge there is only so much you can abide. Even if they add a 100,000 droans in the sky what is anyone here going to do to make an effort to stop it. Everyone here has a huge distaste for the government that even the act of writing their legislators from the state to the fed is objectionable. I have to remonstrate, "get over it" get your voice in, overload them with rejection. Fill their mail with bastiat, boetie, spooner and anything else you can dig up to throw at them, revise some articles complain, complain and complain. One voice in the wilderness is not eaAphilosily heard but 10,000 voices or 100,000 voices can begin to make a difference. Let them know exactly what they are doing is wrong and point it out. Doing it on sites like this is only speaking to the choir.
Tone down your rhetoric and kick it of to liberals and conservatives you know. I do these things and it is laborsome. I have been hammering on a Fed Rep for months about NDAA. He still refuses to budge because I am the only one to challenge him on it an his vote for it. Yet has he been able to give me a rational answer for why he voted and I keep reminding him of it an finding examples to feed to him. If I had 10, 20 or 30 more people hounding him about it he may decide to look at the issue and begin to change his picture. I create images for him, images he can't easily forget, but he seems to.
We as a people have permitted all of this to happen because we are so damned lazy to write or call. Letting a minority select the president is not my idea of voting justice; failure to prosecute government crimes is criminall "Fast and furious" and etc.
Don't get me wrong. I clearly understand the worrisomeness of these hickies flying around. If I had a .223/5,56 or a 306/7.62x54 I would certainly take target practice at it. I have books on booby traps, sabatoge of government equipment. the Poor mansJames bond book of dirty tricks, how to poach and numerous other useful texts.

If we come to a confisaion of guns (which I doubt will happen I am clealy ready to shoot dead the first LEO, militay or guardsman who comes to take away my weapons. I don't have much time left any way so why not go out doing something worthwhile.

A philosophy withouta plan is useless other a bunch of wods on papeer that is fuadmentallh meaningless. I have no philosophy per se, other than a distaste for the government local, state and federal. I will follow their rules, at least for the time being until they become more vioentlh aggressive toward me.

Recently I read a Poll where LEO's and Militarh were qiered. If the president came out with an executive order to confiscate all citizen owned firearms ina locl commnit would you follow the directive. he LEO's aneswering the question said no. They were not trained for such actions and it was in violation of the states constitution. Maney LEO's said the would not attempt to confiscate because their mission statement was to protect and serve. Such an order would be denying the law abiding population the right to defend themselves from a home invasion etc; others said they did not get paid enough to take that kind of a risk. Older military NCO's and officers said no becasue there is nothing in the Constitution says the are required to fight.

Anyway I don't have a philosophy and I am too F*****g old to give a s**t. I have 3 years at best and five if I am really lucky. You probably have a hell of a lot more time left thaN i so you will have to dome p with a diffferent plan.

Stay safe, stay well, and watch your six.

With best regards and Merry Christmas.

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Killing a human being is not  "doing something worthwhile";  killing or threatening to kill is just the excuse the criminals of the state look for so they may send their well armed thugs to visit.  The state resorts to violence because in order to control other human beings it must cede the truth and obscure, lie, threaten and as last resort use force to achieve it's aims.

You have played right into their hands by acting or threatening to act as yet another in a long line of lone deranged gunmen sacrificing themselves for nothing and in many people's minds validating the states use of coercion against those who stand in opposition to it's policies.

Use the truth it is much more powerful than any weapon/tryant that has ever existed in human history. 


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When has the truth ever turned a legislator much less care about it. They wouldn't recognize the truth if it came up and bit them in the Ass. Currently I am in a tit for tat with a State Rep over NADA. I keep giving him news clips where the Patriot Act has been used agains innocent, law abiding citizens and he keeps defending this dehumanizing bill that now includes assault upon American Citizens. The truth is meaningless to him as it is to Harry Read, Nancy Pelose, Feinstine, Barbra Boxer.
Now, John Bonneau inquired of a poster what they were willing to die for? Answer that and it would provide him a basis for making an appropriate response. I offered myself up because I wanted to know the answer. I will die for my right to keep and bear arms any place I want to go. I am more than willing to give my life to save my wife, children and grandchildren If LEO, Military or Guard come to confiscate my weapon I will tell them exactly that. How it plays out at that point I can't guess, but if fired upon and I am still standing I will take as many as I possibly can. If firearms are drawn upon the approach to my home I know their intent and I will open fire with no warning. I keep a Mossburg 930 tactical 10 round semi-auto 12 guage shotgun. I keep it loaded with oo and ooo when I can find them. B and BB are effective as well. I have another I run slugs through a rifeled barrel. Then there's all my other stuff.
"Killing a human being is worthwhile," especially when it is trying to take your life, the life of loved ones or others. As a CCW permit owner I will use my firearm on any aggressor to save the life or dignity (a woman being raped or beaten on) of that person. Any [thing] that would commit such acts has no right to continue breathing existance.
Truth works only when the party is willing to listen to the facts. As they say in a court of law (mans) facts drive the case. However, when was the last time you tried to use the truth with a liberal? The truth may be powerful, but where I have no idea. Millions have died throughout history because of tyrants and are still dying because they initiate gun-control laws, then they confiscate the firearms then they murder all the disidents.
My stance validates only one thing. The place I stand is exactly where I sit. I have not validated anything about the state from this statement. It is my belief. Sacrificing myself for that belief can only motivate others to stand their ground and hopefully better. However, a survey taken says that LEO's would not follow the order to confiscate because it is not their function nor purpose to harass and disarm American citizens. Many indicated they would quit because the pay they get is not worth the risk they would be putting themselves through. The military said no because the Constitution does not grant them permission to do harm to American Citizens. They took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution not violate it. I am not convinced that Americans will give up their firearms so easily. Now Louiseana was disarmed because it was an emergency, but they are discovering (government) that this was a very illegal tactic; like they cared anyway. This does set up a presidence, but not a very strong one.
In conclusion truth is only powerful to the person whom thinks it is, and in a court of law and yes some people need to die under certain circumstances: "acts of aggression".