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    Mitrik_Spanner 8 years 11 weeks ago
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    I am very happy to see the new advances. Anything that makes STR more friendly for our community of libertarians/anarchists/agorists is a good thing. I look forward to the addition of a discussion forum if possible, as in earlier days. Else how will I know what Log from Blamo thinks? -- Mitrik Spanner
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    BrianDrake 8 years 11 weeks ago Web link Cheryl Cline
    "But should we call these people libertarians? Am I a libertarian? " No. It still boggles my mind that with the word literally in the name LIBERT[Y]arian, that people who admittedly/obviously value some social value higher than liberty (e.g., utility, expedience, security, equality, fairness, etc...) presume to appropriate that name for themselves. Either you value liberty (self-ownership) as your highest social value, and are therefore a "libertarian", or you do not and are a something-elsian. In other words, if your social value system looks something like this: 1. Liberty (the self-ownership of each person) 2. Security 3. Prosperity 4. Cookies 5. etc... You're a libertarian. If it looks something like this: 1. Security 2. Equality 3. Greatest good for greatest number 4. Liberty You could call yourself a "securitarian" (or if you wanted to be condescending to true libertarians, a "realist" - a laughable assertion). But you are no "libertarian". It's that simple. Milsted is an obvious "something-elsian". As is the LP. Real libertarians advocate nothing less than the immediate abolition of slavery. In the meantime, they run the underground railroad and educate as many people as possible.
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    Chris Cooley (not verified) 8 years 11 weeks ago Web link Cheryl Cline
    So true , But god have we heard about the Detroit attempt; not that it wasn't terrible before, but god is flying going to be horrible now with whatever bullshit the TSA comes up with after this . Dogs sniffing your crotch and nude body scanners ... fun
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    strike 8 years 12 weeks ago
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