Conflict or Cooperation


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To gain democracy,it should begin with the the people who rules our country.We cannot immediately have it but it should reflect more on the implementation rather that just saying that we need democracy.I just remember the Oklahoma City bombing that happened 15 years ago that created a big impact on democracy because people have different perception of it.It is 15 years given that the Oklahoma City Bombing took place where 168 innocent people died just doing their day to day activities. Many people remember watching the news and seeing the devastation and destruction. 200 kids were left parentless, or with disabled parents. Hundreds more left in fear. This kind of destruction can't cause any good outcome. As this bombing and domestic terrorism showed, it is not the way to make change, because there were no radical changes made due to the bombing. The only thing this bombing did was uniting Americans together and shows us that hatred can't prevail.