9-11: Enigmas and Illusions of the State

The State will always do what is in its own best interest at the expense and blood of the people. This was true during the horrid Crusades, the Roman bloodshed in Germania and Britannia and the Dark Age Inquisition. Unsurprisingly, this practice still remains with us today in times of low-grade nukes, cluster bombs and non-precision air bombings.

Everyone who resents the State and the rearing of its ugly head must be the first to question the sincerity of the State's own investigation into September 11th. The truth is that George W. & Co. has stonewalled, avoided and misrepresented the government's failures and actions on that dark, dreadful morning. Count Kerry and Edwards in as well.

9-11 changed all of us. It surely changed me. Gone was the na've sense of security Ronald Reagan sold us in the Eighties when he told us we were the good empire and the Soviets were the evil empire. Gone were the Cold War relics that the Arab peoples were our friends and that they too were lovers of liberty. Now, at the State's propaganda these same freedom-fighting people have become bloodthirsty savages who would stop at nothing to cross the Atlantic and destroy our centers of commerce simply because they dislike our political structure and our televangelists. When Big Brother says it's time to hate, do we know where our civic and moral duties lie?

I must admit, to my own shame, that I was like most Americans on the morning of the 11th when I wrapped myself in the flag of the " United States " and displayed my own righteous indignation against those who would dare attack us. I took the place of God, who alone is righteous and judges the nations and peoples, and I became both Judge and Avenger in my heart and my mind. Like others around me, I obeyed the ceaseless propaganda of CNN, ABC and FoxNews bombarding me with precise ammunition of false leads, diversionary stories and cockamamie novellas of how the towers were hit, how religiously devout terrorists took ATM cash after a night of strip clubs, how brave stewardesses hit 9-11 on cell phones and how passengers shouted "Let's roll!".

I have come to a point of somber reflection, red-faced regrets and soul-trying meditation regarding the fact that I so gullibly, so carelessly, so exquisitely swallowed the mind-numbing potions of the State. I watched with disgusting approval, and later deep-seeded resentment, as American troops were sent off to Afghanistan to hunt the ghosts of CIA intelligence and then to Iraq to liberate a people with the chains of American democracy.

And it all started on a morning when a federal president sat with obedient children of the State to read a taxpayer-bought children's book in a taxpayer-bought classroom chair as the American consciousness was dragged screaming into the evil realities of the Twentieth Century. Oh, the irony that the State would use our own wealth and labor to endear our hearts and minds, and then with those same resources club us over the head into submission!

There were headlines made when televangelist Pat Robertson opened his mouth and screamed that 9-11 was God's judgment on America . He couldn't have been more right. But his reasons were all wrong! God is big enough to judge the hearts of individuals and righteous enough to discern the wicked intents of the soul. He will punish the murderer and the defacer of His creation. He doesn't need Robertson's help. Yet how much more will He punish the Robertsons and the Dobsons who went running to lick the hand of their earthly master, George W., and gave him the blessing to murder innocent foreigners and enchain our own people under a police state? How much will he punish the American nation-state for arrogantly and mercilessly dominating other nations in the world?

George W. acts as a self-proclaimed messiah and vicar in whom there can be no questioning or interrogation. Friends, this is not only bad politics, this is outright religious idolatry. What good is a republic if we cannot question our leaders, demand full satisfaction in their accounts and affairs or present petitions for redress of grievances and receive an answer? Sounds a bit like China to me.

There are those who think that America is not that bad today since we are past the cookie-cutter, Jim Crow mentality of past-century Kennedy worshippers and World War II propaganda servants. I would argue that things are far worse. The light and the spreading of liberty in the hearts of men and women is in spite of our country's dire situation, not because of it. (Note that I speak of my country, not my government.)

Racism is alive and well in the bowels of the Washington behemoth that spews regulation and bone-chilling legislation any time those clowns in suits have quorum. Government on all levels controls and dictates every private, medical and religious decision we make for ourselves and our children.

Why then is it any surprise or far-fetched theory to surmise or postulate that the State itself was behind the most mind-numbing and shocking event of our generation? It took me three days before I had watched enough clips of planes bearing down on the force of gravity and slamming into those towers, before I broke down and cried. It took me six months before I realized that I had been taken like a fool by the State in its using phantom menaces, like it did to start illicit and illegal wars of ages past.

The silence of 9-11 needs to start breaking. And if capito-anarchists, Christians and libertarians are not willing to start the shouting, then no one will. George W. is not responsible for simply blundering the intelligence warnings that were handed to him every morning with his coffee. No, friends, Rep. Cynthia McKinney did not go far enough with her gut feeling on this one. (Not bad for a statist.) This administration, run and controlled by neo-conservative tyrants, not only knew of 9-11; they planned it!

Why has the American media not covered or investigated what even a little child could understand? It is because they have been ordered to stand down by their government-corporate masters just like fighter planes were ordered to stand down on the morning of 9-11.

Too many questions exist and no answers follow, except wild goose chases and fake story plants by our own intelligence services. Here is my own little Pelican brief of what happened on that day:

Once upon a time there was a land named Afghanistan that not only provided one of the world's biggest supplies of heroin but also stood in the way of a trans-continental pipeline. A certain man named W. became federal president and took all his draft-dodging buddies into office with him and came up with a plan. Now this man already had another plan to take over a land named Iraq for his daddy, but he had to put that on hold for some time.

The leaders of Afghanistan , called the Taliban, were given a choice to either cooperate with the president or suffer the consequences. Other lands like Saudi Arabia and Turkey had smartened up and already obeyed the bully. The Taliban chose unwisely. Conveniently enough, a CIA operative named Bin Laden not only lived in Afghanistan, he had helped liberate it from the bad Russians with money and stinger missiles from W.'s daddy when he ran the CIA and later became vice-president. The Bin Ladens and the Bushes were and are very close. In fact, daddy and Bin Laden's brother attended the same conference on the morning of the really bad tragedy called 9-11.

Well 9-11 wasn't a surprise for everyone. Certain important people were warned about not getting on planes that day. W. made sure that morning he would be reading a children's book at his own skill level. He didn't even budge when he was told that a plane had hit a World Trade Tower in the most closely guarded airspace in the world. W. decided to read on. No fighter planes were scrambled, no missiles were loaded on fighter wings. Three other planes were reportedly meandering at different altitudes and courses, and W. kept reading. A stand down had been ordered.

W. told the people of his land that this was all caused by crazed jihad Muslims who hate 7-11's and the freedom to buy lottery tickets with your slurpee. His henchmen in trench coats with the letters F-B-I on them found all sorts of neat stuff that no detective would ever have had the luck of finding. They found a copy of the Koran at a nightclub. They found a passport of one of the terrorists near the tower wreckage. They found a flight manual in the rental car of bad bad Mohammed Atta, who may have had difficulty trying to fly a Boeing 757. Within hours, they knew the names and faces of the 19 hijackers who took over the planes. To their surprise, four of them found out they were still alive and living in other countries, having never been to the U.S. W. was even able to come up with a lovely photo of the boogie men from an ATM camera.

W. made no mention of the scores of Israeli intelligence spies arrested in the wake and rounds of 9-11. Apparently, a few of them were caught dancing on the rooftops as the towers came down. Israeli intelligence had obviously known of the 9/11 attacks before they happened! There was no fiddle, however, found on their persons. W. continues to send money to the tyrant-state of Israel , which actually has weapons of mass destruction.

And so, the story ends with the people of W.'s land giving perfect and loyal obedience to his majesty to start a war anywhere and anytime he wants to. Whether Iraq , Haiti or Afghanistan , might makes right!

And as W. said at the U.N., "We must speak the truth about terror. Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of 11 September--malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty." [emphasis added] But the ability to fly large jets by remote control makes believers of the most skeptical citizen.

The enigma and illusion of 9-11 is not who was behind the most nefarious scheme in our country's history, but why the masses of wage-earners and hard-working parents do not rise in a swelling of uproar and rage at the black gates of Washington . God's judgment is upon us, indeed. If only my country would find its soul and seek liberty again!

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