Anarchist Finance, or What Price Ancapistan?


This will be the last article that I will write for a very long time. I want to share with you all my motivations for having written about the topics that I did. I confess that I did it, simply to be a part of a movement that I thought was a growing movement. I had been a part of the leftist anarchist movement for a bit, but it didn't quite fit. For example, I'm very much the individualist. The idea of some "commune" where the majority rules, seems to be a bunch of hooey to me. I like the idea of my own personal stuff and not having to share every single thing with someone else. I recognize and accept the idea that no person has the right to rule me, nor do I have the right to rule others. I'm all for sharing, but I will not be ruled (at least not for long). I live for free trade, free association and voluntary efforts. My whole life has been a search to find a community of persons that holds these ideals close to their hearts and seeks to live their lives by them. I've never really fit in, no matter where I was. In my community, I was one of a few who actually liked learning. I've read since I was two years old, and have never stopped. I like to play a lot and enjoy children. I help those who may not have much or anything at all, and I don't care about getting anything physical in return. I enjoy nature and am very "green" when it comes to ecological issues. I enjoy experimenting with different consciousness-altering drugs (especially cannabis and opium). While I'm not gay, I enjoy affection from anyone of any sex. Being based in the Classical Libertarian historical milieu, I thought that the anarcho-capitalist movement was the vehicle by which I could see anarchy in my lifetime. Instead, what I have found is a book-bound, insular culture, consisting predominately of white males who loathe anything that smacks of "collectivism" and that debates the tiniest points ad nauseam. If that's your bag, then have at it. I'm not your judge. However, I want more than that.

This is my life. This is who I am, today. This is what I bring to the table, and this is what I offer to share with those who desire to share. I'm inviting those of you who share my values to join me in beginning an anarchist Intentional Community. If you need a bunch of plans and detailed prospectuses, then I can't help you. However, if you don't mind helping to create something and watching your dreams come to life, then I would like you to join me. I have a nice land prospect with plenty of room for probably at least 20-30 families. The land is very cheap and easy to acquire. We can do this, if you really want to.

I won't deny that there will be major, hard work involved. We will probably have some land issues to deal with (with the price so cheap), and we will have to come up with some mutually acceptable guidelines on development and growth. However, those who would join me in this endeavor won't care about that. They are just looking to be free. So, there it is. I've confessed. I don't care anymore about who wears the title of "Grand High Anarchist." I don't care if barter is better than currency or vice versa. I really don't care about whether or not someone calls me a collectivist, communist or an-soc (a term you really don't even hear off the 'net). What I do care about is being free to live my life in peace with others who wish to do the same. If this is you, then email me for my address or just send me a picture and a bio of what you bring to the table. I'll find a way for us to get together and talk. Also, if you can, start saving money and start looking to make a move, within the next year or so. May this year be the beginning of a peaceful revolution in America and the world. Thanks for putting up with my rants, raves and visions. Peace, Love and Prosperity!

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Mark Gillespie is the founder of the Liberation Fellowship and the No-State Project.  His blog is Freedom Talk.