Anarchist Victory in the Fall Election


I am casting my write in vote in November for a candidate who is infinitely more qualified than either (indeed any) of the establishment candidates. Any dissolute wino would fit the bill. A candidate with a passing awareness of data that eludes the cognitive faculties of Mssrs. Bush and Kerry, such as the imminent doubling of gasoline prices, for, example, would be better still. But I have an even better candidate in mind--me. And I urge you to cast your write in vote for you. I have a serious purpose for proposing this action.

Legions of Americans are coming to the realization that a vote for either party candidate in the November election is a vote that affirms the legitimacy of a totally illegitimate election. Both candidates will advance the same agenda of perpetual war abroad and a Soviet style, centrally planned, house-of-cards economy at home. Both are apparently under orders to refrain from mentioning any real issues or proposing any viable plans to reverse the dissolution of American life and law.

The only differences between the candidates are ornamental. It is like a multiple choice question in which we are allowed to circle (A) or circle (a). There is no option b. There is no opportunity to answer, "none of the above."

Or is there? Is there no way to out twist the diabolical thinking of the media manipulators of this election? The temptation is to not vote. But this would only empower a swarm of self appointed experts to flood the politically correct journals with laments over the apathy of American voters. Once again, it would all be our own fault. We didn't care. We didn't vote. It's a conundrum. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.

But what if every voter who sees through the fraudulence of this election were to write in his or her own name for President in the fall. Spin doctors would, of course, advertise this event as an epidemic of megalomania. They would click their journalistic tongues at the presumption of voters in a country that is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, daring to imagine themselves to be the equal of their excellencies Bush and Kerry.

But the public is not that stupid. They would smell a rat. The people would understand the meaning of two or three million votes calling for "anything but these candidates--anything but these parties--anything but this government." (And I can't help but savor the vision of party apparatchik who count votes, having to hand count, tabulate and scramble to conceal, a few million write in votes for individual candidates.)

In British parliamentary government, a vote of no confidence deposes a leader and requires immediate election of a new Prime Minister. The form of government we inherit, compels us to wait four years to elect a new President. But let our vote of no confidence make the next President a lame duck from moment of his election. This may help limit the damage he will be able to do while we are regrouping to reclaim America and restore reason and law to the seat of government in four brief years.

And our vote of no confidence will declare to our friends around the world, that we have no confidence in either a Bush or a Kerry government- that the things done by recent American governments, are not, done by the consent of the governed.

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