Bone Collectors Buoyant for 2004

Whichever way you roll the dice, they come up snake eyes. They win and you lose. What were the odds that TWO Yale grads and TWO Bonesmen would be vying for the position of president in 2004? Yale University, coincidentally, was the site of the old O.S.S., forerunner of The CIA and for the last forty years--not coincidentally--almost ALL victorious presidential candidates (aside from that Nobel Peace Prize-winning anomaly, Jimmy Carter) seem to have been vetted either by the CIA, or are now members in good standing of the elite Skull and Bones Society.

Whether Bush wins in another suspicious election or Kerry sweeps the Democrats back into nominal yet fictitious control of the U.S. government, no power shift is expected. Michael Donnelly asks the pertinent question in Counterpunch: Will Skull and Bones Really Change CEOs? Inside John Kerry's Closet. To paraphrase playwright William Shakespeare, a victorious Senator Kerry may yet "out-herod Herod," furthering US foreign involvement overseas in the interest of the PNAC.

Yet not since the sinister MENA operation, have we witnessed such shenanigans or government abuse in high places. Call me a fatalist, but I fully expect a manufactured, domestic "terrorist strike" in the month before the November election. Otherwise conscientious, critical American news reporters, an endangered species of animal similar to the Dodo, shall probably witness either the surprise discovery of Saddam's hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the capture of Osama Bin Laden'or both. Whether the fraud would be exposed or abetted by the major news media is open to debate.

Possibly, the Neocons will unveil the terrorist, Osama, emerging from another spider hole at gunpoint, metaphorically pulling the rabbit out of the hat again sometime in September or early October. Another likely scenario are massive riots in New York City during the RNC. With massive police response to the "anarchists," the Neocons will be seen as a party fully in charge, frightening to some, fully reassuring to those who value a false sense of security at the expense of liberty.

To the average voter on election day, the choice will be the devil he knows--George W. Bush--or apparently the devil he doesn't know--Senator Kerry. Either way, the skullduggery in Iraq will probably continue. Pragmatists stuck in traffic at the wheel of their SUVs, pondering Life After The Oil Crash, can perhaps take solace that we occupy the second largest known reserves of oil. "Occupy" it like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby. Only one problem remains: how the Neocons hope to extricate the oil without sinking deeper our country into the sticky morass?

Thus the only clear winners on the horizon appear to be Neocronies like Halliburton. Certainly The Higher Circles hardly care who sits in the West Wing, witness the almost preschool level of intelligence exhibited by the current occupant. As long as George W. Bush follows the script and doesn't embarrass the prudes who wield influence with the religious masses, as did Clinton, he won't be A Left Behind sort of president with that sizeable segment of voters. No, the clear losers are those unfortunate Iraqis, the common American soldier sent to far-flung lands to guard the "neo-confiscated" oil wealth and, of course, you and I, the American citizen.

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