The God Meme

The enemy has nukes, and oh yes they are quite insane! No, not the Muslim terrorist wack job fundamentalists, I am describing the Christian terrorist wack job fundamentalists in The White House. The Zionists and the Muslim terrorists are equally guilty, but unequally armed. The great Bush Armageddon will be a nuclear war, because America has them, Israel has them, and soon the Muslims will have them.

The psychosis of George Bush will no doubt lead to the destruction of mankind. He believes that he is the chosen one, and that he is doing 'God's' work. We are all nothing more than pawns in a war between what George Bush perceives to be good and evil.

The hateful 'god' creature has spawned the Bible meme, the word of the imaginary 'god' creature. The 'god' creature has an army of mystic creatures that cannot defeat the imaginary foe of the 'god' creature, so the mystics feel they must kill everyone not of their sect, to help the 'god' creature.

The 'god' creature tells the mystics of the Great War on Earth that will win the war for the 'god' creature in heaven, and that will assure their place in heaven alongside their 'god' creature. The 'god' creature goes on to describe in great detail the horrible deaths awaiting all the non-believers. As the chosen ones, the mystics are inciting the war of Armageddon.

As the 'god' meme is in danger of losing The White House, the mystics have shown a willingness to go to any extreme to help the 'god' meme retain it. This win at any cost mentality will cause the mystics to commit desperate acts in the name of the 'god' creature.

Non-believers will be caught up in this war, even if we do not believe in the 'god' creature. The sane and rational people on the planet will become cannon fodder for the 'god' meme. Hallelujah, 'god' is good!

I am constantly reminded that I too have beliefs, that my non-belief in 'god' is a belief in itself. This may be true, but my beliefs have never been responsible for the deaths of millions. Has anyone ever been killed in the name of no god? Before anyone attempts to point to maniacs like Hitler, I would like to remind you that Hitler professed to be a Christian. As for some of the other leaders who have killed throughout history, they killed in the name of Communism, or some other belief, but none in the name of a 'no god.'

It is my belief that one day, a more intelligent man will look back on our existence and wonder how we could have ever allowed ourselves to be taken in by the 'god' creature. If he is more intelligent, hopefully he will also not spawn another 'god' meme.

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Mike Wasdin is an Anarcho-Capitalist from Phoenix, Arizona. He also moderates an anti-government website on Yahoo.