Holy Day of Obligation--Revisited


By the time anyone reads this, one of two determinations about this November 2nd, 2004 "election" will have been made already. As happened four years ago, we may or may not know which prop/perp/pol has been elected, willingly, by the voting slaves of America. But one determination is already in.

"We the people" are indeed slaves.

We as "the people" don't believe that to be so, but when MTV and FOX and all network-initialed-groups in-between are encouraging everyone to "get out and vote" so we can have someone--anyone--tell us what to do, how to live, and what portion of our personal wealth and belongings we may keep for ourselves, then what else can we be, but . . .


The presidential candidates? So little, if anything, divides them in intent to tell us how to live, that I am amazed that no major network has turned maverick and exposed both would-be "Emperors" to be parading around in the buff. Meanwhile, those running for the House and Senate and state and local elections continue to ply us with reasons why we should elect them to be the literal comptrollers of personal wealth and the economy, as well as the nannies of behavior.

It is as if the entire nation has donned a huge set of collective blinders.

Lemmings off the cliff, marching to the beat like obedient soldiers, unseeing eyes staring straight ahead.

Speaking of which, can any parent of a child now dead for having donned an American war uniform to rid the world of Saddam, possibly vote, never mind vote for either of the two charlatans who will do nothing to stop the body count, American or Iraqi?

Reality has forced all those labeled "conspiracy theorists" to take a back seat and watch the real conspiracy. Franklin's well-worn comment--"You have a Republic, if you can keep it"--is both well-worn, and worthy of standing alongside the accuracy of an Old Testament prophet.

I don't despair over it all, really. It is like everything else in life--it will all shake out in the end, and be replaced by something new. Mind you, I did not say "replaced by something better," but only new.

Reason being (as they are fond of saying in Texas--which still pretends to be independent while having some of the most restrictive laws in the nation) . . .

Freedom has always been, and always will be, an individual affair. To give my freedom to someone else who will then determine my degree of freedom is an absurd, contradictory act that belies rationality. To watch the system try to suck in 20 million or so new young voters, as MTV was boasting, only highlights the lemming-like behavior of the newest batch of voting-aged Americans. They are declaring their freedom by virtue of ensuring slavery.

"Please, please, please elect someone to tell us what to do!"

Not me. I would prefer to be Winston in the cafe at the end, than give in even one more time. Let the "realists" spout forth about "living in reality" and "dealing with the inevitable" as excuses for continuing the failure. If that is the only hook upon which freedom can now be hanged . . .

Truth is . . . "freedom" was lynched a long, long time ago.

Anarchy, anyone? Coming soon to a big screen near you.

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