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There's a question that is on the lips of every anarchist that I know (whether an-cap or an-soc): How will we destroy the state? Whole forums and web sites are dedicated to answering this question. Strike The Root is one of them. What would you all say if I told you that we already had the answer to the question and none but a few even know about it? The answer lies in the word "community." Now that all the "die-hard an-caps" have left the room, let's talk plainly.

Yes, intentional communities, or ICs are the key to realizing anarchy, even in our lifetimes. According to the Intentional Communities website, the term intentional community includes ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives and other related projects. Now don't let those bad words throw you. The words, cooperative, co-housing, commune aren't the bad words that you think they are. I will prove it to you.

Let's say that someone comes up with an idea for an intentional community based upon libertarian principles. In this community, people could dress how they liked, eat what they like, build their homes the way they like, etc. Now, the first thing to do would be to organize and invest. I know, putting two anarchists together in a room is bound to create an argument, but I'll get to that. Now, with a plan together and the funds, this new community of anarchs needs to build their new community. Once the community is built around the common principles of its members, they need to begin building a business infrastructure. Whether it's starting different cottage industries or inviting an already established corporate presence to come and set up shop, the new village needs to quickly get itself established as the place to do business and live. Now, don't get me wrong. This cannot stop with just a single IC. There must be a federation of ICs. All autonomous yet united together for the mutual protection and growth of each IC.

Now, while these ICs are growing, each new community will be working to spawn others. I don't care if the community is one of rabid Christian post-millenialists or if they are the most homo of homosexuals. Start helping others to design their own communities. A smart group of an-caps could actually make this a business model. Soon a federation of radically differing communities will be in full agreement on mutual protection and mutual growth. By this time, there may be thousands of new ICs ranging in size from a few people to a few thousand or better.

Here comes the good part. Humans are very insular creatures. It is us against the rest of the world. If a group of homosexuals help my Christian group develop our community, how loathe will I be to go vote for some legislation that I know will hurt them? I may not like what they do, but in order to continue doing what I am doing, I will let them do what they are doing. It's anarchy at its finest. Mutual respect based upon mutual freedom.

Maybe I'm being idealistic. Maybe I'm just a damn fool. However, what sounds better, debating freedom or living it? If I can help create freedom for others, while living it for myself, why not do it? Let's get started today. Email me for details. Peace!

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