Martha Stewart and the Feminists

Where are the Feminists in the Martha Stewart dust-up? Why aren't they standing behind her and glorifying her achievements? Making her their poster girl?

Didn't the Feminists come into existence on the philosophy that women are as good as men? Deserving of equal pay? Equal opportunities? And therefore, would achieve EQUAL RESULTS of they only had the equal opportunities?

Martha Stewart's achievements surpass that of nearly ALL men and women. And she did it by "selling doilies." Her branded merchandise is 5% of KMart's sales'over $1 Billion a year, not to mention the hundreds of millions from her own companies, TV shows, publications, etc. For a while, she was a billionaire (on paper.)

Martha Stewart has lived the American Dream, starting from zero and achieving the highest reaches of Capitalistic success. And she did it by offering the marketplace something it wanted to buy. Not winning a lawsuit in the litigation lottery.

She has committed NO CRIMES. She has violated NOBODY'S rights or property. Her wealth was GIVEN to her by willing customers who CHOSE to buy her products.

She has created literally THOUSANDS of jobs. MILLIONS of satisfied CUSTOMERS. And paid MILLIONS in taxes. She even contributed to Socialist Democratic politicians'the Feminists' favorite.

Yet the Feminists stand mute.

Is it because the Feminists want POLITICAL power, NOT MARKET power? Or are the majority of Feminists just as dumb as the majority of men, who believe that a "crime" is whatever the government says it is!

Speak up, Feminists! Why are you so tongue-tied in the face of a genuine American FEMALE hero!!

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Don Hull is an advertising/marketing consultant in Costa Mesa, CA and has run for Congress twice on the Libertarian ticket.