Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

I guess the best way to sum things up is with the classic line from the Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again,' only we were fooled again! Not really fooled, more like coerced, scared and lied to. Just as I thought, the Boogeyman came out just before the S-election and the sheople acted as I knew they would. I was actually surprised that Saddam did not make a guest appearance thanking Bush for freeing his people.

We are now starting to see the 'big plans' Bush had in store for us now. Just as I said, Bush will claim he has a mandate now. Well in a way, I guess he does. The people have spoken; fifty nine million people said so. Does anyone really believe that the S-election was not rigged?

Bush wasted no time in announcing that he was going to rule with an iron fist. Among some of the things we have to look forward to is an amendment to the Constitution banning rights for an entire group of people, more religious wack job justices, as well as Federal judges, more expansive government, the draft and of course more war.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. It seems like only yesterday that Bush was promising to get the Nazis at the IRS off our back, and now he is regurgitating that lie again. Of course, while cutting taxes he will also expand government and fund more wars, all at the expense of our children for generations to come.

Bush was re-elected because of the three G's, gays, guns and god. The religious right hates gays, likes guns and loves god. He will make sure this continues with the extreme nut job picks he makes for the Supreme Court. Everything will be looked at, from R-rated movies to abortion. It will be no time before the women in this country are required to wear a burqa and walk three paces behind their husband. The new war will be on immorality and only things that are god-approved will be allowed.

There is one silver lining in all of this. It looks like Ashcroft is on his way out, and Rumsfeld may be right behind him. I should know by now that I should learn to be careful what I wish for, I just may get it. There is no telling what religious wing nut Bush plans to replace them with, so I better not do a happy dance just yet.

I guess we should all be happy though, Bush has promised to rid the earth of a really big problem . . . love. He will define who gets to love whom, and if your relationship does not agree with what his 'god' tells him is acceptable, he will amend the Constitution to help you make a better choice next time. It would seem that I had it wrong for all of these years. I was under the impression that the Constitution was to preserve rights, everyone's. I am grateful to Mr. Bush for showing me the error of my ways.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

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