Men of Metal


There is an old Japanese sword maker's saying, 'The best steel is made in the hottest fire.' The steel forged by these craftsmen is the finest in the world, for not only did they use the hottest fire, they also folded the steel over itself, and hammered it numerous times, quenching it in oil each time to ensure its high carbon content, and stress to create a superior weapon.

Creating character works in much the same way. It is not derived from the undeserved praise heaped upon those who will not extend the effort it takes to strive for perfection, as it comes from the effort itself. Character cannot be given, it must be earned through deeds and the sweat equity of hard work. The school of hard knocks is the finest school in the world, with its teachers being forged of the finest metal.

Americans today are, for the most part, of poor steel. Gone is the effort to be the best, because everyone is offered the trophy of success, no matter who the victor. Those who accept the trophy without earning it have cheated themselves out of the character, strength, and pride that the effort can bestow upon them. It would seem that nowadays, everyone is a champion.

Two men of the same metal are vying for our attention, one being the President, the other the man who would like to unseat the President, with neither of these arrogant, mindless, whores being any different than the other. Both of these rich, spoon-fed, men of privilege, having been forged of the same weak metal, are weak in character, substance, principle and mind.

To look at these two men and see even a marginal difference is to be blind. Both men are pro-war, pro-tax, pro-state, and pro-fascism; it is an Orwellian nightmare come true. The only thing that could possibly change on November 2nd is in the placement of the jackboot on our face, as it moves from the right side to the left.

With four long years of George W. Bush, we have seen many of our personal freedoms and liberties raped with every sweep of the religiously insane and maniacal John Ashcroft's pen. I would imagine that a John Kerry regime would simply shift the pressure of the boot to the monetary side, as he rapes our bank accounts and taxes us into submission.

Can you smell it? Ah yes, the unmistakable smell of bullshit! As the presidential selection circus sideshow draws closer, the smell will become increasingly pungent. 'Vote for Bush, or you will be killed by terrorists!' 'Vote for Kerry, or your federal handouts will be eliminated!' With one charlatan claiming to be the only one with the answers, the sheep are lining up to pick the lesser of two Republicrats. Of course the only real choice is, would you rather have leukemia, or sickle cell anemia, tuberculosis or bronchitis, Skull or Bones?

As we move closer to the democracy charade in November, it may be a good idea to start weighing our options. Since it is clear the sheep have no intention of ever freeing their minds of the State, the liberty-minded people on this planet should be looking for ways to leave the herd behind. I know many may see it as abandoning the sinking ship, but I am growing tired of being one of the few with a bailing pail in their hand. I will not go down with the ship!

No longer are the sheep willing to be free, as it requires effort, and it seems dangerous to them. The sheep have chosen security over freedom, for it offers the least effort on their part. Gone are the days of the proud sword craftsman; welcome to the generation of weak metal.

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