When my buddy and I were in the home rehab business, we usually had to check out the new, upcoming jobs in the evening, since we were working during the day. Key in hand, we would enter the new rehab project. Then I would reach for light switch, and as the light came on we would hear and see the roaches scurry to their nests. We knew we had some real work to do.

The quickest way to do so, was to put some bread with jelly on the countertop, and pour a circle of boric acid around the bread. If one knows how those granules work, you could kill the whole nest of roaches.

Someone has managed to turn the light switch on in Washington, D.C., and the roaches are scurrying. It seems someone has put out the jelly bread and boric acid.

I am usually up way before dawn, and by dawn I have taken in The Root, and Rockwell, and Justin and his compadres. I always include a stop over at Matt's joint, just because he is so good at sensationalizing stuff I had already known. Toss in a quick perusal of Googs, and, as always--a trip over to Mike's site . . .

By the dawn's early light, I have read more informative news than "Good Morning, America" could deliver in a year. And right now, it is with a sense of justification that I watch the current events, having understood matters before this insane war ever started (not to mention the fiscal holocaust developing alongside the war!)

Over the last year I wrote several articles regarding the idiotic situation with regard to Iraq. They were not earth-shattering--I am just a "sometimes-writer-on-loan" who occasionally gets all my words and thoughts lined up well enough to get published. Be that as it may, I did see what is now occurring as the end result. Vindication is a nice thing if you have been sufficiently prophetic.

Amidst 530+ dead soldiers, some 10,000 wounded or maimed in ways that would cause revolt (which is why we do not hear about them!), thousands and thousands of dead Iraqi citizens (which has to have other Iraqis, in some ways, waxing melancholy for the good old days of Saddam) . . . comes the truth. We lost the war, Daddy, didn't we?

I had wanted to write on this earlier, but it wasn't until today that it all just came together. It is not often a confluence such as Col. David Hackworth giving us his usual straight dope, and apologetically so, and the demi-god of FOX News finally deciding to honor his no-spin zone . . . well, this was a good day for news.

Somebody found the light switch in DC, and the roaches are scurrying in every direction. John Ashcroft has recused himself, David Kay gave away the goods despite trying to put a smiley on the news, Blair is getting roasted in Old London-Towne, and the gang in DC is hopping in their chairs more than Bubba did when Monica was under his desk.

Fitzgerald is aptly named "Bulldog"--and while I would advise him not to fly anytime soon, he seems to be ferreting out the perps. Ms. Plame/Mrs. Wilson is the obvious issue, but it is also the light switch that has all the roaches running in every direction. It is with more than a little satisfaction that I can see the boric acid being spread. We might be witnessing the beginning of the end of the real oppressor in the world


I won't quibble right now about the differences between anarchists and mini-anararchists and free market libertarians, etcetera . . . they are all trying to find the yellow brick road, and for now--that is a good thing. They are all exterminators who have one grand chance, as I see it, to get rid of the roaches and clean matters up.

Perhaps those of us called Americans will finally get past this two-party nonsense we call politics--past this silly notion that voting for one of two peas in the same pod means something or anything--and take matters into our own hands.

Will it happen? Well . . . one has two choices in every issue of life--believe, or disbelieve. I don't mean by saying that--that emotions should reign over fact, but that finally, we might realize just the opposite.

Killing roaches is not easy. You have to vigilant, and every night, put out that jelly bread with the ring of boric acid around it. It might make for a mess in the morning, but it damn sure gets rid of the creepy crawlers.

This time, we might get lucky. Hack and Bill are saying so, even!

Look out, roaches!

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